Get Lost

Patient, zen,
And rather sublime
That’s not me,
Cuz’ most of the time

I get angry, upset,
And totally distraught
Over stupid stuff
That really ought

Not trouble me at all.
Not important. Nada. Zip.
But I get worked up
And then let it rip

One really bad habit
I can’t seem to break
You’d think the end of the world
Or close was at stake

Is when I lose something
I stored away securely
And now I can’t find it
Folks, stand back for the fury

Where IS the stupid thing?
I put it in this drawer
It was only last week
I know it! I’m sure!

I scramble the contents
Why isn’t it there?
It’s gotta be here
Oh, life is so unfair!

I slam the drawer shut
And move on to the next
It better be here
Or I’ll get really vexed

My blood pressure soars
My heart gets to racing
I flap my arms
And then commence pacing

Ranting and raging
This goes on for a while
I already warned you
Zen’s just not my style

Do I ever find
Whatever I lost
I almost always do
But boy, at what cost.

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Ode to Champagne

Oh, the horror of it
It happened, it’s true
I opened my fridge
And knew I was through

No champagne!

I searched on the shelf
I checked in the door
I went to the cupboard
Hoping to score

No champagne!

I ran to my neighbor’s
And told her the troubley
I asked if I might borrow
A cupful of bubbly

No champagne!

She searched in her fridge
And double-checked in the door
She went to her cupboard
Hoping to score

No champagne!

Continuing my quest
I hopped into my car
Surely a supply of the stuff
Couldn’t be far?

No champagne!

To the market I hastened
I cut through the crowds
Made a beeline for the wine cooler
And shouted out loud


I bought a dozen bottles
There’s a discount that way
And ignoring the disapproving glances
Stepped up to pay

Oh Champagne!

The refrigerator replenished
My cupboard completed
I raised up my goblet
And this solemn vow repeated

Oh Champagne!

Life is too short
So I shall take a firm stand
To always keep a champagne stash
Chilled and on hand