In Hot Water

Soaking in hot water’s
Supposed to be bad
But when winter weather
Starts making me sad
I have a nice bathub
For which I am glad

I fill the thing up
Every night before bed
And sit down and soak
Till my skin turns all red
So that sleeping with shivers
I don’t need to dread

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Somewhere recently
I have learned
That too much dairy
Should make me concerned

But in my coffee
I like milk a lot
So I went to the store
And a substitute bought

Coconut milk
It’s just not the same
Compared with cow’s milk
It tastes pretty lame

But I’m trying to keep
An open mind
Next time I’ll try
The vanilla-flavored kind

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The Super Bowl Blues

Super Bowl Sunday
I’m just not the type
To get too wrapped up
In all of the hype

I watch a few ads
And do lots of snacking
But of football itself
My interest is lacking

First down or touchdown?
I really don’t care
Of most every play
I remain unaware

I eat too much junk
My mind starts to wonder
When is the half-time show?
Between chips I’ll ponder

That extravaganza over
And the food almost done
I head off to bed
Not knowing who won

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