Four Play Soon, Someday

It will be done in September, I say
And then I work on it day after day

When I’ll be through, nobody knows
This is how writing a book for me goes

Rough draft stinks, nothing new there
When I re-read it I try not to swear

It calls for revision, three times at least
Before I am at all with it pleased

Then some friends will read it through
Giving me more ideas to think of anew

But soon after that the book will be done
Ready to see the light of the sun

This one’s called Four Play, due out real soon
But please don’t expect it tomorrow at noon

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A Road Trip Quip

My first was a Torino-Ford
But now I drive a Honda Accord

Thinking about my car today
From the shack it takes me away

Accord is packed from roof to floor
Making it hard to open the door

Eleven hundred miles or so
Is a long way for a car to go

So we return to our winter home
But next spring to Vermont we will roam

Not much of a poem, but give me a break
I’m on a road trip for heaven’s sake!

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The Travellin’ Shoes Blues

The greens of summer
Have turned to autumn hues
And colder nights
Offer some distinct clues
Yep, it’s high time
I don my travellin’ shoes

I love it lots
But the shack’s got no heat
So if I sit here
On my stubborn cold seat
I’ll need snow boots
For my size six feet

So I will leave
My beloved shack
But fear not, Vermont
For I will be back
Next year in May
If all goes on track

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Speaking of Quinoa

Quinoa I hear
Is a kind of a grain
Although I keep trying
I find it too plain
Liking the stuff
Is rather a strain

Quinoa I hear
Is a way healthy treat
It’s good for my blood
And likely my feet
Antioxidants galore
Nutrients replete

Quinoa I hear
Can be made into pasta
I’m willing to try it
Since little the costa
But why am I certain
It will be quite a losta?

Quinoa I hear
Can be made into chips
Salted and fried
To add pounds to my hips
But still I won’t like
How it tastes on my lips

Quinoa I hear
Is so good for me
But I’ve tried it and tried it
And now I shall plea
That my diet remain
Healthy quinoa free

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Pimento Cheese, Please

A favorite nibble at our wedding brunch
On a small sandwich it was fun to munch

Guest voices rose in a crescendo, please
Give us more of that pimento cheese

A special spread southerners admire
When Yankees try it they get quite inspired

To eat the stuff a lot and more
What is this creation, they do implore

Southerners call it pimento cheese
Not sure you can get it overseas

But in the south it’s a common treat
Without which no buffet is ever complete

I like it especially on burgers grilled
When I do this for friends they become rather thrilled

Their voices rise in a crescendo, please
Give us more of that pimento cheese

Where do you get these pimentos, they ask
Pulling them from olives must be quite a task

They come in a jar all by themselves
Right there in the store on the canned veggie shelves

Add onion and mayo to plain old cheddar
And chop in pimentos to make it taste better

A dab of mustard to top off the spread
Refrigerate three hours and then go ahead

And serve it to friends at your next dinner party
But warn them ahead it is rather hearty

Their voices will rise in a crescendo, please
Give us more of that pimento cheese.

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