Kindle Scout: The Final Frontier

It’s true and you have
A right to complain
Yet another poem on
My kindle scout campaign

Just this last time
And I promise I’ll stop
But now’s the last week
For you to hop

Over to Five Spot’s
Campaign page
Everyone’s doing it
It’s all the rage!

And while you’re there
Please do hit
That nominate key
And then I’ll quit

Bugging you
To vote for me
I’ll get off your back
And you’ll be free

And next week’s poem
Will be something new
Cuz my Five Spot campaign
Will be totally through

Voting Ends September 14th!

All rights reserved

A Contest, Honest

Playing With Poison
The audiobook is out
You haven’t read it?
No need to pout
Just finish this poem
And give me a shout

Five audio prizes
I am giving away
You’ve read this far
So what do you say?
This is free, people
You won’t have to pay

So leave me a comment
If you’re intrigued but at all
But hurry, don’t wait,
Don’t forget, and don’t stall
And you could be listening
And having a ball

I’ll choose five winners
Five lucky souls
On Saturday, May 3
This contest will close
Who will I choose?
Nobody knows!

But this Cue Ball audio
Might be yours for the taking
Yes, it’s exciting
This scheme I am baking
If you are a winner
Your hands will be shaking!

Once you have your
Free audio code in hand
Listen up and laugh
But don’t just there stand
And here’s my request
But not a command

It you like what you hear
And I’m quite sure you will
I’ll ask you to take out
Your book-reviewing quill
And leave a review at Amazon
About this audio-book thrill

All Rights Reserved

Fine print:  To be eligible for a free Audible version of “Playing With Poison” leave a comment on this blog post.  Five winners will be selected from the comments left through Saturday, May 3, and each winner will receive a code for a free Audible copy of Playing With Poison. You will need to have an account at to use this prize. Note, this is not a CD copy of the book. Thanks for your interest 🙂


A Cue Ball Mysteries Mug Plug

Pastels, peaches, purples, and pink
This mug is beautiful, this I think
It would even look nice in a kitchen sink
And better yet, with your favorite drink

Look at Hubby, oh-so-smug
With his Cue Ball Mysteries mug
Your coffee, too, longs to be lugged
In such a mug, so here’s the plug

Comment below in the next few days
And if you’re lucky, you might just may
Win a mug, but you must enter to play
If I draw your name, Hip Hip Hooray!

The mug is most handy, as you see here
I use mine for Cue Ball Mysteries gear
It would also make a fine stein for your beer
For usefulness, this mug has no peer

Only twenty exist on earth
In fact, I’d call it a Cue Ball Mysteries mug dearth
So enter to join the fun and the mirth
But this contest is short, with a narrow berth

Contest closes on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at midnight
That’s Eastern Standard Time and it would be a fright
If you forgot to enter, think of your plight
If you lost your chance to have this mug within sight

All Rights Reserved

Please comment below for a chance to win. I will draw one name on Sunday, December 22, and the lucky winner will get a Cue Ball Mysteries mug of their very own!

Breakthrough Novel?

A writer’s contest
For beginners
From ten thousand entries
They choose one winner

I sent in my book
I gave it a go
The worst they could do
Is say thanks, but no

Into round three and I’m
Still standing
But winning top prize
I’m really not planning

From quarter-finalist to semi
That is the dream
But one hundred to five
Likely, it does not seem

Mystery-Thriller is the place
For my book
And the excerpt is free
If you want to take a look

Amazon will decide in two weeks
Maybe three
I’m crossing my fingers
And waiting to see

All Rights Reserved

Here is a link to the excerpt for the Playing With Poison Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award entry