You’ve Been Warned!

Every Sunday
I used to engage
In getting a poem
Down onto the page

With rhythms haphazard
And rhymes so poor
Despite these drawbacks
You could be sure

To read something new
Every week without fail
But my poetry skills
Began to get stale

No matter my effort
The rhymes didn’t flow
After hours of work
I’d have nothing to show

But it’s poetry month
Two thousand seventeen
So I’d love to get back
Into this routine

Cuz I’m out of practice
Please cut me my slack
Be that as it may
My bad poetry blog’s back!

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Super Bowl Saga—Second Quarter

I work on snacks
Hubby cooks chili
As traditions go
This one’s real silly
And fattening, too
If you must know
But that’s what we do
Every Super Bowl show
No matter who’s playing
We watch the game
Though my understanding
Of football’s quite lame
But there’s always dessert
To keep me involved
I guess it is good
That last call was solved
And now the half-time show
Is about to begin
Watching these games
Is no way to stay thin
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Ode to Pacific Beach

When I die
My ghost will roam
In several places
I’ve called home

One such spot
Is San Diego
A city I left
A long time ago

Hard to believe
How young I was
When I went to CA
Just because

Decades later
Returned this week
Thought the memories
Would make me freak

Showed off to Hubby
My old stompin’ spots
But lo and behold
I still loved it lots

Kate Sessions park
And Mexican food
Here, there, and everywhere
Some surfer dude

Mission Bay
And Crystal Pier
Glad I spent
My youth right here

All Rights reserved

Morocco Part Three

Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou

Morocco for me
Was so totally new
I need one more blog
Before I’m quite through

So please indulge me
This last poem
And then next week
I’ll stick closer to home

These pics are of
Moroccan ruins
If you ask me
Ruins are shoe-ins


For fun exploring
They get my attention
So here are a few
I think I should mention

The fort or Kasbah
At Ait Ben Haddouh
Has seen its share
Of great movie crews

Kasbahs, FYI
Don’t last too long
No matter how built
No matter how strong

The heat of the desert
Soon takes its toll
If they last a few decades
That was the goal

Here’s a ruin
From Ouarzazate
Look at what pretty
Doors and ceilings it’s got

stork at Badi Palace

The storks hang out
On this or that tower
The Badii Palace kings
Once had great power

My Moroccan adventure
Is now done
I’ll try to go back to Africa
Because it was fun

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Voila, C’est Paris!

It wasn’t something
We were looking for
But we found this map
For sale in a store
Old time Paris
Hey, what a score!

We bought the thing
With no wall wide enough
And we packed it away
With some other stuff
Keeping it perfect
Was a little bit tough

It’s twenty-five pieces
Have I mentioned that yet?
We waited for years
And our dream condo we did get
We had a wall for Paris
We were pleased and all set!

But now our challenge
Was how best to hang it
We now had the space
But it’s 25 pieces, dang it!
We faced that wall
With our hammer and banged it

We got the thing up
With much trepidation
And now when we see it
We are filled with elation
Turgot’s Plan De Paris
What a creation!

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Memory Lane

Twenty years have come and have gone
Since my first date with now hubby John

A one-man play is what he did pick
But when the night came that man was sick

A big band concert was happening too
Let’s go there, I said, and do that in lieu

We actually danced, believe it or not
We must have been nervous to give it a shot

Then we had drinks at a bar called Vickery’s
That bar’s now closed, now ancient history

I ordered a Tom Collins, what was I thinking?
Neither of us spend time in bars like that drinking

Women’s figure skating was on TV at the bar
Silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan was that night’s star

Yep, the Winter Olympics were then going on
The night of my first date with now hubby John

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Fab Four Fiftieth

Some news last week
Took me way back
Memories of these four
I surely do not lack

I was a young child
When they arrived
Sad that right now
Only two have survived

Fifty years ago
The Beatles invaded
I’d give them A plusses
If they were graded

To their songs I danced
With my big sisters
We loved the 45’s
Of the Fab Four misters

Memories of which
Puts a smile on my face
So in my poetic repertoire
The Beatles get a place

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A Tribute by Cindy Lou

For this week’s poem a simple quiz
Do you know who Mister Geisel is?

I’ll give you some clues, although I doubt
You won’t be able to figure it out

He was born yesterday a long time ago
And when he died it was a great blow

Anapestic tetrameter is what he did
I loved his stuff when I was a kid

He counted fish and told me their colors
His imagination was like no others

Speaking of colors, he considered green
A reasonable color for eggs to be seen

His elephant had really good ears
Surely you know what the pachyderm hears?

An impish feline in a tall chapeau
By now I think you have to know

But I will offer one more clue
Then I promise we will be through

His Christmas story included a Grinch
See, I told you this quiz would be a cinch

Happy Birthday one day late
To Dr. Seuss. I think you were great.

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Poetry in Odd Places

What in tarnation!
A second poem about castration?
You might be thinking, “Oh, brother
How, oh how, could there possibly be another?

The poem from April first had a different theme
A medieval love affair was its basic scheme
But this here poem’s inspired by “My Cat From Hell
A TV show I think is really swell

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist
On neutering your pets he strongly does insist
In last night’s show two episodes explored
This neutering theme, not to be ignored

And the cats were better off, trust Jackson on this
The critters went from misery to happiness and bliss
So you see? Poetry can be found in castration
And aren’t we all glad I’m done with this creation?