Morocco Part Three

Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou

Morocco for me
Was so totally new
I need one more blog
Before I’m quite through

So please indulge me
This last poem
And then next week
I’ll stick closer to home

These pics are of
Moroccan ruins
If you ask me
Ruins are shoe-ins


For fun exploring
They get my attention
So here are a few
I think I should mention

The fort or Kasbah
At Ait Ben Haddouh
Has seen its share
Of great movie crews

Kasbahs, FYI
Don’t last too long
No matter how built
No matter how strong

The heat of the desert
Soon takes its toll
If they last a few decades
That was the goal

Here’s a ruin
From Ouarzazate
Look at what pretty
Doors and ceilings it’s got

stork at Badi Palace

The storks hang out
On this or that tower
The Badii Palace kings
Once had great power

My Moroccan adventure
Is now done
I’ll try to go back to Africa
Because it was fun

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