Party Pooper

A party here
A party there
This and that
Holiday affair
They all were fun
But now I swear
As an introvert
I must beware
Of too many parties
Just say I’m square
But afterwards
I sit and stare
At nothing much
Into thin air
Happy to be back
In my own quiet lair

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Party Hearty

Hosting a party
And they all must be fed
Hubby and I will
Put on a mean spread

Appetizers, desserts
Champagne, beer, and wine
Serve them enough
And all will be fine

Pickled mixed veggies
Is one of our faves
And my guacamole
Always gets raves

I’ll make the biscuits
Hubby cooks ham
Give ‘em something Southern
It’s all in our plan

Water chestnuts in bacon
For something served warm
Forgetting the cheese platter
Would not be good form

Folks with a sweet tooth
Will not be forsaken
Three kinds of cookies
Are all in the makin’

And peanut butter truffles
To add something new
We hope everyone’s happy
When our party is through

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