On the Subject of Spiders

Someone read my poetry bad
And told me he’d be very glad
For a poem about spiders

I’m not sure the reason why
But told him I would go and try
Here’s my poem about spiders

I like how they swing from strings
They do okay, despite no wings

Their webs are pretty, that’s for sure
With geometric patterns I do adore

Eight legs they have, which seems a lot
Since only two is what I’ve got

Arachnids they are called, I think
I’ve not idea what they like to drink

On second thought I think it’s blood
Insects caught must say “Oh, crud”

That’s enough on this here species
Writing more would give me creepies
And that’s my poem about spiders

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The Twittering Blues of a Twittering Fool

My time lately I have been frittering
Because I spend it all on twittering

Tweeting I guess is the proper word
At first I found it rather absurd

But it ‘s a hoot and a blast, and now I like it
So much so that I can’t seem to quit

My novel needs writing and there’s dishes to do
Just one more tweet I say, and then I’ll be through

And don’t get me started on my follower quest
I’ll reach 10,000, and then maybe rest

140 characters to say something new
Yep. I’m addicted, I admit it, it’s true

@cbmysteries is the handle I’m using
Come on by if followers you’re choosing

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