Emmy or Oscar?

I’d love to put Jessie
Onto a screen
Whether TV or silver
Has yet to be seen

I may be biased
But I really do know
The Cue Ball Mysteries
Would make a great show

The characters are quirky
The dialogue snappy
Many LOL moments
To make people happy

A Cue Ball mini-series
Wouldn’t that be neat?
It would keep every viewer
Glued right to their seat

So hey, TV directors
Why not discover me?
This show will win Emmys
Just wait and see

Or if anyone knows anyone
In movie production
I’d give my right arm
For a friendly introduction

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Concession Obsession Confession

This week’s embarrassing
Poetic confession
I go to the movies
For the concessions

And let’s make it
A bit more specific
I think movie popcorn
Is really terrific

Butter and salt?
Please pile it on
I’ll eat every kernel
Until it’s all gone

Popcorn I get
In large-supersized
The amount I can eat
Leaves people surprised

Hubby says
We’re married, let’s share
I say No way,
It wouldn’t be fair

You’d go for a handful
I’d push you away
I’m warning you all
To heed what I say

I really do need
A bucket all for me
And then I’ll be quiet
And watch the movie

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