Bear Scare

Have made it to
My Vermont summer shack
First wildlife I see?
A bear that was black

He was frolicking (?) on
The road to the store
I walk there daily
There’ll be many more

Walks that is
But bears? Let us hope
He was lost and now’s found
Cuz’ with bears I can’t cope

Garter snakes and deer
The occasional toad
These I expect
On my little dirt road

But bears are too big
With huge teeth and four claws
If I see him again
It will give me great pause

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Shoe Shopping 101

I went to the shoe store
For gold pointy-toed
But something far different
Was to me sold

For a wedding next month
I wanted something formal
And instead ended up
With practical and normal

Gold pointy-toed
Seems not the current style
But in what I did buy
I’ll walk mile after mile

My old walking shoes
Have seen lots of wear
And so I was ready
To get a new pair

But shoes for this wedding?
My quest must continue
And here concludes the poem
Of my latest shopping issue

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