Biker’s Delight

For vacation I do like
To find a place where I can bike

But biking conditions, I expect a lot
Since tons of strength I do not got

I like mountains, but not for biking
If you ask me, they’re meant for hiking

Forget about traffic, it makes me sad
Give me a bike path, and I am glad

And may this bike path go through woods
Cuz pretty scenery makes me feel good

As the saying goes, put the wind behind me
If it’s too blustery, I’m apt to get stymied

Speaking of weather, I don’t like chilly
That’s as bad as being too hilly

One of my favorite spots is off the Georgia coast
For biking vacations I like Jekyll Island the most!

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3 thoughts on “Biker’s Delight

  1. You gave me my end of the day chuckle. But then, I’ve already written about 10,000 words today so I may be simply losing my mind. Regardless, thanks 🙂

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