Get Well Soon

When hubby’s rundown
In bed and sick
I always wonder
What is the trick?

What should I do?
I’m a terrible nurse
In this piece of wifedom
He couldn’t get worse

Should we go to the doc?
Is it really that serious?
What is the temperature
When he might get delirious?

Eat chicken soup
And drink lots of tea
If you need more than that
Don’t look at me

Call your mother, I say
She’ll know what’s best
If you’re sick another day
I’ll need a rest

Lucky for us
He’s a real healthy guy
Otherwise my nursing skills
Might make him cry

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Sniffles and Sneezes

My throat is sore
My sinuses hurt
I’m wearing three layers
Under this shirt

My nose is running
I’m out of tissues
To name just a few
Of my current issues

Took Vitamin C
And got a flu shot
So why am I feeling
Like such total rot?

I’m a little perturbed
By this late winter bug
But that’s my excuse
To act like a slug

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