Double Shot The Poem

Ninety-nine cents
Is a very nice price
With a sale like this
You needn’t think twice

A Cue Ball Mystery–
Double Shot’s number two
You’ll laugh quite a lot
Before you are through

To say it’s serious,
Educational, edifying
Would be a stretch
And I’d be lying

But if you are seeking
A read for the beach
I advise you have Double Shot
Within easy reach

A cozy mystery
With a car-chase to boot
You’ll love Jessie’s mother
Tessie’s a hoot!

Of course, Jessie the pool shark
Takes center stage
And Wilson Rye’s
On most every page

A cop named Sass
And a poodle called Puddles
Are just two of the issues
To give Jessie troubles

Because, of course
She must solve a crime
Wilson actually asks
For her help this time

And about Jessie’s past
You will learn a lot
So why not click here?
And read Double Shot

All Rights Reserved

p.s. the 99 cent sale ended Wednesday 7/23/14!