Vermont on the Horizon

It is May, and so that means
I’m figuring out my Vermont schemes

The lake is thawed, our shack is calling
So I tell Hubby, let’s not be stalling

We’ll pack up the car with all our loot
Hubby will plan our two-day route

We can’t go ‘till the coast is clear
By that I mean no frost-warning fear

Like tonight, it will be twenty-seven degrees
The shack has no heat, and I don’t like to freeze

The pipes will freeze, too, if too soon we arrive
And so we postpone that very long drive

Memorial Day should be a good time
Spring comes late to Vermont, but is always sublime

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Fun: Vermont Style

When the dead of winter comes each year
In a little town I hold so dear
Folks decide there is a reason
To take a plunge and make themselves freezin’

With the temp so low and the lake so frozen
I myself would not have chosen
To do something so bold
As to take a dip in the cold

But my friends in V. T.
Are much different than me
They think it’s nice
To cut a hole in the ice

They raise funds and divide into teams
And on the big day everyone screams
As one by one, into the lake they go
The heck with the temp, and the ice, and the snow!

And for their efforts what do they get?
Besides freezing cold and thoroughly wet?
Food for the food bank and cash for good causes
I think they deserve many claps and applauses.

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