Vermont on the Horizon

It is May, and so that means
I’m figuring out my Vermont schemes

The lake is thawed, our shack is calling
So I tell Hubby, let’s not be stalling

We’ll pack up the car with all our loot
Hubby will plan our two-day route

We can’t go ‘till the coast is clear
By that I mean no frost-warning fear

Like tonight, it will be twenty-seven degrees
The shack has no heat, and I don’t like to freeze

The pipes will freeze, too, if too soon we arrive
And so we postpone that very long drive

Memorial Day should be a good time
Spring comes late to Vermont, but is always sublime

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3 thoughts on “Vermont on the Horizon

  1. Excellent! I love poems that rhyme! So sorry that spring is taking so long, hmm that’s rough.
    Your website is absolutely darling! I love the cat and the cue balls!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ann. I don’t know how to write poems that don’t rhyme, so that’s all i do. Hubby helped me put together the web site–he’s a techno-genius! I try to post a poem every Sun, so come on back whenever you need some silliness.

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