New Loon Soon

The loons that live upon the lake
Try their best to babies make

They wait ‘til June and build a nest
They pick a spot they think is best

Taking turns they sit thereon
Two eggs tops, but likely one

They did the same this time last year
It didn’t work, Oh dear, Oh dear!

Let’s hope this time they do succeed
Since loons, my favorite waterfowl breed

Look and sound marvelous upon the lake
Parents and a baby would happy me make

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2 thoughts on “New Loon Soon

  1. until that day, I will more like
    be sleepless, and so mighty fight

    with tiredness, so soon to dream
    of loons a skipping in my dreams

    a haunting lullaby
    my loons, then fly away

    another year
    with fledglings here


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