Whimsical Wednesday: Toothache

A silly poem on a Wednesday? Can it possibly be true? Yep, folks, I’m launching a spot for guest poets on Wednesdays. Let’s call it “Whimsical Wednesdays With Friends.”

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my first guest, and he comes to us all the way from the UK! Andy Daniels is a new friend of mine from the Poets Group in LinkedIn. I have a feeling Andy is a much more serious poet than I. He’s even working on publishing a book of his poetry on Booksmart. But bless his heart, Andy also appreciates the sillier stuff and graciously composed the following especially for our reading enjoyment. Take it away, Andy…


Sensitive teeth
And sleepless nights
Never feels right
Dental appointment I’d delayed
But this time just had to be made

Sensitive teeth
Bleeding gums
Definitely no fun
So with a slight nervous twitch
Went to visit the dentist

Sensitive teeth
So miserable
Too uncomfortable
Had no choice so off I went
To tolerate dental treatment

Sensitive teeth
Myself to blame
Gave me so much pain
Dentist said “Now open wide.”
And did so with dented pride

Andy J Daniels 5/10/12
Used by permission
(All rights reserved)


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