Whimsical Wednesday: On Friendship

My whimsical guest today is the fantastic mystery author Polly Iyer! Take it away Polly…


When Webster wrote his dictionary,
and Roget wrote his Thesaurus,
they had in mind to educate,
in a way so’s not to bore us.

They wrote on Music, Art and Beauty,
each harder to define,
on Hate and Joy and Motherhood,
on Thou and Bread and Wine.

The definition so hard for me,
and one I can’t defend,
is how they tend to miss the point,
when describing what’s a friend.

The meaning of that simple word,
they wrote more than one way.
but I’ve my own description
to relay without delay.

A friend is tried and true of heart,
a platonic kind of love.
One who takes you as you are,
and who you’d fart in front of.

All Rights Reserved

Polly Iyer

When Cindy asked me for a poem, I thought back to one I wrote a while back. I’ve been blessed to have many friends and even more blessed to have those friendships span decades. My book Murder Déjà vu has, of course, a murder and a mystery, but it also has a deep friendship―one that is forged between two men in prison. Though my poem is on the light side, the friendship in the book is made of darker stuff. How much would you sacrifice for a friend? Would you give your life? Would you take one?

Polly Iyer is the author of four mystery/suspense novels on Amazon: HOOKED, InSight, MIND GAMES, AND MURDER DÉJÀ VU.

You can read more about her books on her website at http://PollyIyer.com