Whimsical Wednesday – BAD, BAD, BAD EBENEZER

Whimsical Wednesdays With Friends is back! And today’s fearless and multi-talented guest poet is my friend and fellow writer, Paula Benson. For the fourth year, Paula and collaborators John Henry and Frank Fusco wrote an original musical for their church’s drama ministry. This year’s production, “Once Upon a Christmastime,” was adapted from “A Christmas Carol.” The opening number was a take off on “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” The picture from the production is by Rob Sprankle.

Take it away, Paula…

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
Nobody likes him
And you wouldn’t either!
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He only cares about his wealth.

SCROOGE (speaks):
I’m bad and don’t forget it.
I’m bad and don’t regret it.

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
Don’t know whether
He’s more rat or weasel
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He gets his money all by stealth.

SCROOGE (speaks):
I’m bad and don’t forget it.
I’m bad and don’t regret it.

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He grabs for money
Like a mad old geezer.
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He’s always mean about . . .
He always schemes about . . .
And then, he dreams about his wealth!

Lyrics and Music by Paula G. Benson
A Christmas Musical based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Copyright 2012 by the St. Paul’s Players,
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Used by permission by the copyright owner.

All Further Rights Reserved

Never Fear, Poetry’s Here

Writing a poem makes some folks a-feared
But really it isn’t all that terribly weird

If at first the words don’t rhyme
Take a deep breath and take your time

The right phrase will hit you when you least expect
And your creation will have the perfect effect

You’ll be proud of your poem, trust me on this
Because rhyming words brings happiness and bliss

So give it a try, what is there to lose?
Silly poetry wards away the blues

No, really! It’s better and safer than drugs
Composing a poem’s like getting warm hugs

So if you decide to try and you’re game
Drop me a line and await glowing fame

You can find out how by hitting the “Contact” button
And you’ll soon be rhyming words like a poetry glutton!

All Rights Reserved

PWP reviews

Good news, good news, and more good news (And a little bragging, too)

Happy to report the great reviews for Playing With Poison are pouring (okay, dribbling) in. If you’d like to read what the critics are saying please check out the links below:

First off, Bella at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews is going over the top helping me to promote Playing With Poison.  She gave it a great review.  She then proceeded to announce a contest to promote the book with a chance to win a $15 gift card.  Then CMBR named Playing With Poison as one of Agatha’s Purrfect pick of the month.

Find another great review at:
Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and More

And even more good news, Double Shot is now available on Amazon! Why not hop on over and order your copy right this very minute?

Last but not least, Jessie’s cat Snowflake has become a celebrity blogger. She’s already blogged at the Cozy Mystery Book Reviews and here’s that llink.

And after her afternoon nap, Snowflake’s going to tackle another guest blog for Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and More.

Whimisical Wednesday: Armchair Hellraiser

A poet published in Romania? Now that’s downright zania! But it’s also true! This week’s guest poet Andy Flatt once published his poetry in Romania. Like last week’s Andy, this Andy is also a Brit. Don’t ask me what it is with guys named Andy from the UK who enjoy silly poetry, but I’m not complaining. Here’s Andy’ bio and his totally awesome, amusing and charming poem. Thanks, Andy!

Armchair Hellraiser

I want to be a hellraiser,
And party till the dawn.
Make curtains twitch when I come home,
And neighbours look with scorn.

I want to paint the town red,
And spend the night carousing.
Drinking endless tequila shots,
Whilst madly rebel rousing.

But I am pushing sixty,
And I can’t hold my drink.
Just one beer and I feel queer.
And throw up in the sink.

The last time I went on the town,
With my red pot of paint.
After an hour in a noisy club,
I really felt quite faint.

So I will sit in my armchair,
And have a snooze instead
I’ll dream of being a hellraiser
It’s safer in my head.

©Andy Flatt2012
Used With Permission

I live with my two rescue Greyhounds, Jazz and Layla, in the county of Kent, which is known as the garden of England. Currently I am working as a home tutor, working with children of all ages to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.  In my spare time, when I am not spending quality time with the greyhounds or indulging in my passion for Argentine Tango, I write poetry, for both adults and children, which I find extremely enjoyable.  My poems have featured in several publications and I hope to publish my first collection in the near future.

My favourite poets, which range from the sublime to the ridiculous, include Andrew Marvell, Robert Frost and Spike Milligan. I write poetry on whatever subject takes my fancy and, while it is not exactly profound, I hope it makes people smile.