Having a Say in Four Play

My beta readers
Are patient sorts
They’re reading my book
I await their reports

As much as I can
I revise and re-do
Beta readers get a look
When I think I am through

They read quite closely
They look for all flaws
And when they criticize
It gives me great pause

If something bores them
They let me know
I take the book back
And give it another go

Sticklers for detail
Grammarians they are
Without them my writing
Would set folks ajar

Intimidated not
They eat typos for lunch
Ah yes, I adore them
My beta reader bunch

Thanks to John, Kathy, Megan
Sharon and Jean
Better beta readers
The world has not seen!

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2 thoughts on “Having a Say in Four Play

  1. So, according to your data,
    Your readers who are beta,
    They help you via edit
    Things ya should’nt a said-it,
    i don’t know how to end this,
    So i’ll just click + send this.

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