Emmy or Oscar?

I’d love to put Jessie
Onto a screen
Whether TV or silver
Has yet to be seen

I may be biased
But I really do know
The Cue Ball Mysteries
Would make a great show

The characters are quirky
The dialogue snappy
Many LOL moments
To make people happy

A Cue Ball mini-series
Wouldn’t that be neat?
It would keep every viewer
Glued right to their seat

So hey, TV directors
Why not discover me?
This show will win Emmys
Just wait and see

Or if anyone knows anyone
In movie production
I’d give my right arm
For a friendly introduction

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Thank You, Suzanne Collins

The reader in me
Always feels sorry
When she comes to the end
Of a really good story

The Hunger Games Trilogy
Is one such saga
And of YA novels
I’ve never been gaga

But at every plot
Twist and turn
I read faster and faster
Hoping to learn

What happened next
Then after that, what?
Yep, I’ve become
A Hunger Games nut

But I’ve slowed down
This last little bit
If my favorite characters die
I might have a fit

There are some books
I wish I had written
Of Katniss’s story
I am truly smitten

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Unbelievable – The Debut

Unbelievable is the title
Of my latest endeavor
If you read it I think
You’ll find it real clever

As the cover implies
It takes place at a lake
Where Cassie Baxter’s reputation
Is what is at stake

The dogs on the dock
Are part of the plot
I’m guessing even cat-people
Will like them a lot

There’s a mad scientist
And an author of sci fi stories
But Unbelievable is a cozy
So I promise, nothing gory

Of course it’s a mystery
And the culprit will get caught
But to find out how
Unbelievable must be bought.

All rights reserved

Available at Amazon

Unbelievable: The Poem

At times it seemed
But I’m here to tell you

Can be ordered
In a jiffy
On Amazon pre-sale
Isn’t that nifty?

So be the first
On your block
To add it to
Your kindle stock

I know it sounds
Way gregarious
But I think you’ll find it
Way hilarious

How Cassie Baxter
Solves the crime
When she takes up sleuthing
For the very first time

All Rights Reserved

The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water is blue, the mountains are green, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go nuts in a town this size? What possessed Cassie to move in with her father? And why do they have to live next door to a mad scientist? A sexy mad scientist. Does such a thing even exist? And speaking of existing, what happened to the dead redhead? You know, the one Cassie found, and then lost? What’s up with that? Cassie Baxter intends to find out. Read Unbelievable and you will, too.

Unbelievable is available for pre-order today!
Official release date is Friday, November 7. Can’t wait!

Shameless Self-Promotion

At times it seemed
Most inconceivable
But I’m glad to say
That Unbelievable

Is close to done
It’s nearly complete
In case you’ve been waiting
At the edge of your seat

Probably not
But if you are wondering
This series is about
Cassie Baxter’s blundering

She lives with her father
In a house that’s bright green
A quirkier place
You never have seen

The neighbors are nosey
They drive Cassie nuts
She’s a little bit testy
But boy, she has guts

Lake Elizabeth is
The quaint rural setting
You’ll like it a lot
And this I am betting

The dogs and the goats
Will win over your heart
And now I am hoping
You can’t wait to start!

All Rights Reserved

p.s. Unbelievable, the first book in the Cassie Baxter Mysteries series will be available in a few short weeks. Stay tuned, and tell all your friends!

The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water is blue, the mountains are green, and the redhead is dead. And missing. Cassie Baxter must have been nuts to move to this place. She was even nuttier to move in with her father. Finding that redhead wasn’t so brilliant, either. And then losing the body? Truly nuts. Cassie has witnesses, but what a shocker, the goats aren’t talking. On the slim chance that someone, somewhere, someday will believe her, Cassie starts sleuthing. Her annoying father annoys her every step of the way. But the mad scientist next door seems helpful, and Cassie uncovers all kinds of interesting tidbits. Skeletons in closets, ghosts in attics. Everyone in this town has a secret or two. That sexy scientist alone has about a dozen. Figures. But don’t underestimate Cassie Baxter. Size ten trouble on a size five foot, she’ll solve the mystery of the missing redhead. Some unhappy murderer is about to be undone. Unbelievable.


Double Shot The Poem

Ninety-nine cents
Is a very nice price
With a sale like this
You needn’t think twice

A Cue Ball Mystery–
Double Shot’s number two
You’ll laugh quite a lot
Before you are through

To say it’s serious,
Educational, edifying
Would be a stretch
And I’d be lying

But if you are seeking
A read for the beach
I advise you have Double Shot
Within easy reach

A cozy mystery
With a car-chase to boot
You’ll love Jessie’s mother
Tessie’s a hoot!

Of course, Jessie the pool shark
Takes center stage
And Wilson Rye’s
On most every page

A cop named Sass
And a poodle called Puddles
Are just two of the issues
To give Jessie troubles

Because, of course
She must solve a crime
Wilson actually asks
For her help this time

And about Jessie’s past
You will learn a lot
So why not click here?
And read Double Shot

All Rights Reserved

p.s. the 99 cent sale ended Wednesday 7/23/14!

Character Flaws

I‘ve been writing about Cassie
For many a moon
Her character came to me
But not a second too soon

Sometimes a personality
Pops out of thin air
Some characters are easy
But sometimes, I swear

Sometimes they’re stubborn
They hide back in my brain
And refuse to come forward
No matter how I complain

Cassie’s been like that
What makes her tick?
She finally has told me
But like I say, none too quick

Cassie’s been coy
On her background, she’s been shy
I kept writing her anyway
Kept asking her why

Yesterday she finally
Took pity on my plight
She told me all about herself
Much to my delight

So Cassie’s the star
Of this book I am writing
And finally she’s talking to me
Oh, how exciting

I like Cassie a lot
And think you will, too
Her story’s called Unbelievable
I’ll tell you when I’m through

All Rights Reserved

A Contest, Honest

Playing With Poison
The audiobook is out
You haven’t read it?
No need to pout
Just finish this poem
And give me a shout

Five audio prizes
I am giving away
You’ve read this far
So what do you say?
This is free, people
You won’t have to pay

So leave me a comment
If you’re intrigued but at all
But hurry, don’t wait,
Don’t forget, and don’t stall
And you could be listening
And having a ball

I’ll choose five winners
Five lucky souls
On Saturday, May 3
This contest will close
Who will I choose?
Nobody knows!

But this Cue Ball audio
Might be yours for the taking
Yes, it’s exciting
This scheme I am baking
If you are a winner
Your hands will be shaking!

Once you have your
Free audio code in hand
Listen up and laugh
But don’t just there stand
And here’s my request
But not a command

It you like what you hear
And I’m quite sure you will
I’ll ask you to take out
Your book-reviewing quill
And leave a review at Amazon
About this audio-book thrill

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Fine print:  To be eligible for a free Audible version of “Playing With Poison” leave a comment on this blog post.  Five winners will be selected from the comments left through Saturday, May 3, and each winner will receive a code for a free Audible copy of Playing With Poison. You will need to have an account at Audible.com to use this prize. Note, this is not a CD copy of the book. Thanks for your interest 🙂


The Voice of Jessie: Round One Done!

One Cue Ball done
Three more to go
As with most stuff
The process is slow
Thought you’d be curious
So am letting you know
Playing With Poison
Now on audio!

The Voice Of Jessie
Wait ‘til you hear
Several auditioned
Then she appeared
Caroline Miller-
Definitely top tier
I heard her do Jessie
And dismissed all my fears

Rye, Candy, Karen
And so many more
You’ll love Geez Louise
Even Jimmy’s got allure
Caroline has skills
And great talent galore
A treat for your ears
Now is in store!

Playing With Poison on Audio is available at Amazon, of course!

All rights reserved


A Cue Ball Mysteries Mug Plug

Pastels, peaches, purples, and pink
This mug is beautiful, this I think
It would even look nice in a kitchen sink
And better yet, with your favorite drink

Look at Hubby, oh-so-smug
With his Cue Ball Mysteries mug
Your coffee, too, longs to be lugged
In such a mug, so here’s the plug

Comment below in the next few days
And if you’re lucky, you might just may
Win a mug, but you must enter to play
If I draw your name, Hip Hip Hooray!

The mug is most handy, as you see here
I use mine for Cue Ball Mysteries gear
It would also make a fine stein for your beer
For usefulness, this mug has no peer

Only twenty exist on earth
In fact, I’d call it a Cue Ball Mysteries mug dearth
So enter to join the fun and the mirth
But this contest is short, with a narrow berth

Contest closes on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at midnight
That’s Eastern Standard Time and it would be a fright
If you forgot to enter, think of your plight
If you lost your chance to have this mug within sight

All Rights Reserved

Please comment below for a chance to win. I will draw one name on Sunday, December 22, and the lucky winner will get a Cue Ball Mysteries mug of their very own!