Character Flaws

I‘ve been writing about Cassie
For many a moon
Her character came to me
But not a second too soon

Sometimes a personality
Pops out of thin air
Some characters are easy
But sometimes, I swear

Sometimes they’re stubborn
They hide back in my brain
And refuse to come forward
No matter how I complain

Cassie’s been like that
What makes her tick?
She finally has told me
But like I say, none too quick

Cassie’s been coy
On her background, she’s been shy
I kept writing her anyway
Kept asking her why

Yesterday she finally
Took pity on my plight
She told me all about herself
Much to my delight

So Cassie’s the star
Of this book I am writing
And finally she’s talking to me
Oh, how exciting

I like Cassie a lot
And think you will, too
Her story’s called Unbelievable
I’ll tell you when I’m through

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