Paddle Poetry

The moon is full
And oh so bright
And much to my
Supreme delight

The lake is calm
And oh so still
A perfect night
For a rare thrill

The temperature’s warm
No wind whatsoever
And so my hubby
Who’s oh so clever

Suggested we paddle
Out in our canoe
To look at the moon
And enjoy the view

Ducks paddle with us
The loons are calling
For extra magic
Some stars are falling

Paddling by moonlight
What a pleasure
Nights like this
I really do treasure

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Not Madison County

Is a big word
For a silly poem
You might think it absurd

But Vermont has so many
Of these everywhere
Quintessential says it
It’s really quite fair

Covered bridges span
Rivers, brooks, and streams
Yes, of these things
The state really teams

To visit a few
We took a long drive
In this land where
Covered bridges thrive

Cows, farms, and woods
Down dirt roads we raced
To get to each bridge
To see where they’re placed

Of course we got lost
That was part of the vision
Of our covered bridges
Motor tour mission

But as these photos attest
We found quite a few
The most fun part of all
Is when you drive through

Wood planks above, below
Sound of water rushing under
Like much of Vermont
It fills me with wonder

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Rock People Rock

Every year
I dig in the dirt
I wear old jeans
And a raggedy shirt

With enough water
This I do know
The flowers will bloom
The garden will grow

As much as the plants
I like other stuff
And of pretty rocks
I can’t get enough

Some folks like snowmen
But that’s not for me
I build rock people
As you can see

They stand in my garden
They like it a lot
And last time I counted
Fifteen I have got

Some are big
Some are small
Some are short
And some are tall

They offer some whimsy
To my garden décor
Visitors laugh at them
They’re a big hit, for sure

With a bad storm
They can tumble down
But of this hazard
They never do frown

Unlike Humpty Dumpty
Rock people are resilient
I re-build and re-balance
If I do say so—brilliant!

So this here is my
Garden population
I really do like
My rock people nation

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Duckling Dearth


Every year
When I come back
To my Vermont
Summer shack

I know the ducks
Have survived
Because their ducklings
Have arrived

After mama
They follow along
On the lake
Where we all belong

But this year,
What a shock!
Nary a duckling
Near my dock

Have they found
A better lake?
That’s impossible
For goodness sake!

Maybe a late spring
Caused a duck dearth
And we must wait longer
For ducklings’ birth

Whatever the cause
I keep waiting and hoping
I don my binoculars
To do some lake scoping

Maybe this week
They’ll finally appear
But no ducks thus far
Is really quite queer

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Hello Vermont

When we get to Vermont
The first thing we do
Is put in our dock
And when we are through
We find the paddles
And hop in the canoe

When we get to Vermont
It’s usually late May
Although I’m a Vermonter
What can I say?
I don’t like cold weather
So until spring I’m away

When we get to Vermont
We sweep out the shack
Scare away the mice
And tell them we’re back
We buy a few groceries
And then we unpack

When we get to Vermont
The lake is unfrozen
A better spot for our shack
We could not have chosen
Got frolicking to do
So this poem I’m closin’

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Binoculars Bereft

Trying to rhyme
But driven to distraction
By all the Puerto Rican
Birds in full action

No bird book with me
But I’ll try to tackle
More than just these
Antillean grackles

Several shorebirds
Tend to be white
The egrets I can
Identify by sight

But two other white birds
One is much smaller
And the other white one
Is bigger and taller

The mourning doves
Like it here, too
I didn’t expect them
But have seen quite a few

Pelicans coast by
The biggest in size
In fact, they’re so huge
They get my size prize

A big grey guy hopped past
The hotel room last night
Alas, I could not
Name him by sight

A pair of green parrot things
And I do mean bright green
I’ll look them up later
To know what I’ve seen

The Baltimore oriole
Was a long way from home
I suppose in the winter
Southward they roam?

And terns of some sort
I think that’s what I saw
Several little chicks
With their paw and their maw

Binoculars and bird book
I’ll remember next time
Cuz all these Puerto Rican birds
Have been downright sublime

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Spring in the South

Of spring flowers
I love the most
Are the ones
As white as ghosts

Daffodils pop up
So bright and cheering
Their yellows and golds
Tell me spring is nearing

And tulips vivid
In colors like red
I like seeing them
In long flowing beds

Azaleas bloom
In purples and pinks
But the white are the nicest
That’s what me thinks

And set underneath
Some dogwoods in bloom
Makes my heart go
Pitter-patter, ka-boom

Springtime white flowers
So downright ethereal
Thank you for giving me
This week’s poetry material

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Cindy Come Home

She does not like it
Betty the cat
When I go away
And she’s babysat

She hisses and fights
And puts up a stink
This cat hates me is what
These poor people think

They feed her and tell her
All kinds of nice stuff
But whatever they do
It is never enough

Betty prefers that I
Stay put at home
I hear she’s a pill
When from home I roam

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Prickly But Pleasing

I asked what my poem
Should be on today
And Hubby had this
About that to say

Our indoor garden
Is growing quite well
The cacti especially
Are doing most swell

We have several choices
All rather small
My goal is to get one
That’s bigger and tall

Their shapes and their spikes
All look so funny
They prefer the west windows
Where it’s brightest and sunny

I like all the pricklies
That say Do Not Touch
An occasional watering
They don’t ask for much

This little guy
Is putting out shoots
I assume he is happy
Way down to his roots

Oh yes, our cacti
We like quite a lots
And so we give them
Our prettiest pots

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Shoe Shopping 101

I went to the shoe store
For gold pointy-toed
But something far different
Was to me sold

For a wedding next month
I wanted something formal
And instead ended up
With practical and normal

Gold pointy-toed
Seems not the current style
But in what I did buy
I’ll walk mile after mile

My old walking shoes
Have seen lots of wear
And so I was ready
To get a new pair

But shoes for this wedding?
My quest must continue
And here concludes the poem
Of my latest shopping issue

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