No Accounting For Taste

Pottery Barn kids
Or Pottery Barn teens
This is where
My taste leans

Perhaps this implies
That I’m immature
But it happened this time
Like it’s happened before

I needed new sheets
To put on my bed
I shopped around
But all roads led

Back to the kid stuff
With patterns so happy
All the adult sets
Weren’t nearly so snappy

I like pretty colors
Whimsy’s good, too
So here are my sheets
Bright, shinny, and new

All Right Reserved

And You Thought My Poetry Was Weird?

This here is my latest
Piece of home décor
Which most normal sane people
Will consider and deplore

Why is this odd woman
Collecting sticks and trees?
She thinks that this looks good?
Oh dear, oh my, oh please!

But yes, I do like it
Though my taste is rather strange
And all those sticks were free
So I can always rearrange

The visual pleases me
I added each twig just so
So will I ever change this?
Right now I’m thinking, no.

All Rights Reserved