Recipe Index

My mother had some index cards
And her Betty Crocker book
Grandma didn’t even have that
And she made a living as a cook!

But then there’s me, who cooks,
Like, maybe once a week
Who has two hundred recipes
For every dish I seek

Two shelves full of cookbooks
For every ethnicity and diet
Here’s one for vegan Italian
Oh, honey, we must buy it

With my monthly Martha Stewart mag
I tear out this, that and the other
I have six recipes for pickled seaweed
And could surely use another

Pasta sauce recipes? Oh, honey
I have a hundred, at least
But of course I stick to my two favorites
For most every pasta feast

Right now I’m on a bundt cake kick
Chocolate mocha’s just the start
And when I’m done with this obsession
I’ll move onto lemon tarts
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