A Poem About Pizza

Pizza is my
Favorite food
I find it delicious
Very good

But here in the south
I know it’s unkind
A decent pizza
Can be hard to find

And as pizzas go
I am discerning
So to bake my own
I have been learning

The sauce I concocted
Is very tasty
On a pre-made dough
That’s not too pasty

With olives and mushrooms
And some type of meat
My homemade pizza
Is rather a treat!

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Julia Child I Ain’t

Years of trying but it never took
The fact remains I hate to cook

Given my druthers on what I prefer
To others my stove, I would gladly defer

Not that I can’t cook and bake
I make a to-die-for chocolate cake

Hubby likes that cooking stuff
Elaborate prep? He can’t get enough

Peaches for cobbler he is blanching today
and he’s roasting some garlic in a dish made of clay

Some sort of pasta sauce he is apt to prepare
With graters and blenders he has quite a flare

So to his heart’s delight my hubby cooks
Meanwhile me? I’ll be writing my books