Whimsical Wednesday: Drunk with no E’s by Pam Barchers

Whimsical Wednesday With Friends is back!

Here’s fellow author (she writes Sci-Fi) Pamela Barchers’ contribution! Pam recently attended a writers workshop, and was given the following assignment: Write about a drunk guy at a bar. Easy, you say? Well here’s the catch. Pam had to write the description with no E’s. That’s correct. Zero E’s. She did it! And here’s her A+ assignment. When she does use E’s, Pam writes the Adelia Kayland Personal Logs–the adventures of a space traveler! 1st log up–Out Of Time, available on Amazon, along with Time Again and Manipulated Time. Check it out! But before you head over to Amazon, be sure to read about that drunk guy with no E’s…

Here is a link to the book: Out of Time by Pamela Barchers

Drunk with no E’s

Sitting in a bar, I spy a man who has had too much to drink.

I think I know this man.
Oh right, it’s Frank who owns a cabin a block down from us.

It’s obvious, from watching him wriggling on his stool, that Frank will soon go looking for a bathroom.

This is wrong, I’m thinking.
I thought Frank didn’t drink.
His brown suit looks dingy; has his old “ball-and-chain” thrown him out again? Poor thing!

I was right in my first assumption; Frank and his dingy brown suit slid off of his stool, stumbling forward to look for a bathroom.
Painfully, I watch this poor guy work his way forward, bumping into things, and gaining odd looks from many happy hour participants.

Finally, as Frank was almost to his mark, a crowd of idiots (thinking it funny) join to block his way.
Laughing at him mockingly, said boys would not allow him to pass.
Starting to pity him, I stood up to assist.
(Actually, I was not to worry for long.)

Surprisingly, I saw Frank work things out on his own, by unzipping his brown dingy pants, and casually urinating on a culprit’s foot!