Third Annual Ode to Thanksgiving

Twenty years and counting
Thanksgivings with my Hubby
So many turkeys
It’s a wonder we’re not chubby

With each Thanksgiving
The usual gets debated
How to be certain
Both appetites are sated

For me, a basic turkey
Nothing new-fangled, please
Anything but bread stuffing
Gives me great unease

Please, no “improvements”
No oysters or other junk
Such absurd atrocities
Put me in a funk

Hubby has his own
Thanksgiving day demands
Of pies other than pumpkin
He isn’t a big fan

So even if we’re guests
At another Thanksgiving table
The following day we cook
Our own Thanksgiving staples

And my annual Thanksgiving Ode
Now another tradition expected
One of these years my rhyming
Might even be perfected

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Second Annual Ode to Thanksgiving

A holiday about tradition
Merits another poetic rendition
That’s at least my humble position
I say this with zero contrition
Thanksgiving is the best!

Cookbooks scattered here and there
Tables, counters, everywhere
As hubby wonders what to pair
With his pumpkin pudding éclair
New recipes to test!

Turkey’s easy, at that we’re pros
Gravy and stuffing, but then who knows?
Sweet or russet mashed potatoes?
And as for veggies, anything goes
Saute well, add lemon zest!

Friends and family will arrive
Thanks you guys for making the drive
And for new dishes you all contrive
So on Thanksgiving we will thrive
And afterwards will need a rest!

In case you were curious, here is last year’s poem

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