World’s Worst Volunteer

I should have said no, but instead I said yes
And now my life is one big huge fat stress
Let me hearby confess
I volunteered for good causes and boy what a mess

I said yes to Kathy and Valerie, too
Church causes and writers groups to name but a few
Asked me to step forward, I donned my volunteer shoe
And then out of the blue
I had this, that, and the other to do, do ,do, do.

Five phone calls, three meetings and scheduling events
This is how my week got spent
Volunteering my time, I now solemnly lament
And risking Hell, where I’ll likely be sent
I now know never to allow my resolve to be bent

Next time I’ll say no, whatever the worthy cause
To be honest losing me won’t be much of a loss
Since when I’m stressed out to the max I get downright cross.