A Loony Obsession

You’d think it not possible
But yet it is so
I love them so much
I’ll give it a go

I think it’s my fourth
But it might be the third
When it comes to loon poetry
I am a real nerd

Please excuse the excess
But they give me delight
And this summer I’m happy
To report a new sight

The loons have a chick
Their nest did succeed
They prepare for the future
Of a glorious breed

In case you need telling
The chick is darn cute
And black is the color
Of his birthday suit

His parents do gather
Lots of fish for his feed
They are rather doting
They attend to his needs

At first on their backs
The time he would pass
But now that he’s bigger
And gaining some mass

He swims on his own
Between parents he bobbles
They stay close to help
If he starts to do wobbles

Eight weeks or about
And full grown he will be
To make the long journey
Out close to the sea

Next summer I’ll return
To this very spot
Hoping to see loons
Since an obsession I got

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Loonatic Shtick

The loons off my dock
My summer they do rock

Big, black, and white
They are such a lovely sight

Magical creatures
With many mystical features

Oh, my goodness! Hark!
Is that them yodeling in the dark?

Haunting is the sound
Dreamy, and mellow, and profound

Another interesting fact?
The chicks ride mommy piggyback

Mom can’t walk around so hot
But skill at flying, swimming, and diving she do got

The nest is made
In the marshes in the shade

And Mom is not alone
Papa Loon spends lots of time at home

He shares duties nesting
While Mamma Loon goes off someplace resting

Come July we will have chicks!
And go ahead, call me a hick

But I cannot wait
For this most exciting date!