Writers Police Academy – Real life crime things

This past weekend I was at the Writers Police Academy–a conference where we mystery writers get to learn what real cops do. I have never spent so much time thinking about decomposing bodies. Here are a few shots (No real bodies, I promise).

A big gang of us on our way to hunt for the “shallow grave.”

We found it! Check out the dummy’s hand.

Lee Child and Marcia Clark were pretty intrigued, too.

Here’s a shoot out with the bad guys. No, we weren’t allowed to pet the dog, but he sure was cute!

And as if that weren’t enough for one week, I’m heading to the Writer’s Police Academy tomorrow for a fun-filled weekend learning about what real cops do. It’s a hands-on workshop, which means I will most definitely make a fool of myself. I’ll post some pics as soon as I’ve blundered my first pretend investigation.