The To-Do List Blues

I’ve written about
This topic before
If you’re actually
Keeping a score

But my to-do list
Has not gone away
A fixture in my life
Alas, it’s here to stay

Day after day
I cross things off
But I guess I never
Work hard enoff

One chore gets done
And two more appear
Month after month
Year after year

Like the Greek Hydra
My to-do list won’t die
It keeps on growing
Despite how I try

Maybe I’ll just
Toss the thing away
And go outside
To enjoy this lovely day

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Busy, Busy, Busy

You’d think it enough
To finish what’s on
My to-do list stuff

Crossing off tasks
That is my goal
But while I’m asleep
A mischievous troll

Adds many more chores
To the list I have tackled
Making me feel
More or less shackled

Efficient, productive
I really do try
But this endless chores list
Makes a grown woman cry

All rights reserved