My Favorite Dromedary

Riding a camel
Was a new thing for me
But I had lots of fun
As you can here see

I was in the Sahara
Yep, you read that right
And Maurice, my camel
Was downright polite

He knelt in the sand
And blinked his huge eyes
I hopped on his back
And then he would rise

The ride was bumpy
But oh so much fun
I wore lots of clothes
To protect me from sun

Hubby was with me
And Abraham our guide
Was very helpful
In teaching us to ride

On top of Maurice
I saw the dunes and the sand
When we reached camp
There was a Berber drum band

We spent one hot night
At the camp in the dunes
But our time in the desert
Ended too soon

The next morning Maurice
Carried me away
Of my Sahara adventure
This I will say

Maurice, my dromedary
I will always remember
This definitely was
My most magical September

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Marrakech And Me

I’m in Africa
For the very first time
And so it deserves
Its very own rhyme

To be specific
A lovely city
Really terrific

The cacti are green
The stucco is pink
I like the mint tea
A very good drink

Snake charmers
And acrobats
And people wearing
unusual hats

Bought some slippers
In Moroccan styles
I also like
The Marrakech tiles

The tajine is tasty
The temperature’s hot
Tomorrow the Sahara!
To give camel-riding a shot

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