Wardrobe Malfunction

Jeans this style
I like and enjoy
But don’t know a way
I should employ
To keep hip huggers
On my hips
Because my jeans
Do tend to slip

A belt is useless
The way I’m built
The angle’s wrong
My hips, they tilt
Suspenders might
Do the trick
But not a look
I’m apt to pick

A good strong yank
I hoist and tug
Hubby shakes his head
I shrug
But fallen down
They haven’t yet
So more hip huggers
I plan to get

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2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Certainly NOT an awful poem! I’m jealous, not of the poetry (although I think it is good) but the fact that you have no hips and the jeans slide down!!! Oh, to be taller than wider…:-)

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