An Explanation of Exclamations!

My new favorite
Punctuation mark
Turns a sentence
The opposite of stark
On a poem about it
I hereby embark!

The Grammar Police
Would disapprove
They’d say this habit’s
Not a sound move
But I’ve gotten into
An unstoppable grove!

Now phrases without
An exclamation point
Seem rather old-fashioned
Perhaps even quaint!
And so I dismiss all
Harping or comploint

Exclamation points
Abound galore!
I use two quite often
But seldom do four!!
And the combo !?
Like that one for sure!!!!

I write my novels
Texts, e-mails, and tweets
Tossing in exclamation points
To wrap them up neat
Cuz’ without exclamations
My ideas aren’t complete!!

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