Berry Wary

Roses are red
Black raspberries are, umm, black
This little ditty will prove
That I’m a poetic hack

I like black raspberries
They make me say the word “yum”
But right now they are causing me
A peculiar conundrum

Their bushes are close by
On the outskirts of my yard
So what’s the problem you may ask
That makes picking them so hard?

The berries are beautiful
They’re ripening quite nicely
But here’s the situation
That makes picking them rather dicey

The berries are entwined
Amongst a very dangerous vine
This plant has leaves three
And yes those leaves do shine

Protected by poison ivy
I’ll leave the berries be
Perhaps the birds will eat them
But those berries are safe from me

Roses are red
Black raspberries are, umm, black
And that’s the latest news
From the outskirts of my Vermont shack

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2 thoughts on “Berry Wary

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the morning smiles:) I tried to think of a clever rhyme to leave you but I’m still on 1st cup of joe and clever eludes me at the moment.
    New fan and follower 🙂 Di

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