Green With Envy

A dinner party
Last night I did have
Everything went well
But one thing went bad

It’s St. Patrick’s Day
So green carnations I had labeled
For the place of honor
At the center of my table

With green flowers in mind
I went to the store
Imagine my dilemma
When I could not, could not score

The first store was out
And so was the next
When the third place said no
I was truly perplexed

So I settled for white
And into a green vase they went
I could have hunted further
But enough time I had spent

Green ice cream! I said
That would do the trick
Oh yes! Green ice cream
In honor of St. Patrick

With green ice cream in mind
I went to the store
Imagine my thrill
When I thought I had scored

Not one, but two flavors
Pistachio and mint
I would serve green ice cream
And it would be a hit

It was time for dessert
And I promised a big surprise
I got out the ice cream
Not expecting my demise

When I opened the cartons
Neither one was green!
I could not believe it
What I was there seein’

Must be green food coloring
Is no longer legal?
The white ice cream was good
But not nearly so regal

My St. Patty’s dinner party
Was greenless, alas
Seems green flowers and ice cream
Are things of the past

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