The Hideous Junk Closet

Cleaning out the closet
Puts me in a panic
Cuz Hubby goes at it
In a way rather manic

He pulls out everything
And scatters stuff around
“Look!” he tells me
“And see what I’ve found.”

Oh, yes, the project
Starts out quite happy
But as we begin sorting
We get a little snappy

“We must finish,” I tell him
“And put things away
No tripping over this junk
For yet another day”

Hubby doesn’t mind
The floors full of clutter
But with that kind of thing
Bad words I do mutter

So the Goodwill gets
The stuff we can live without
But organizing the rest
Was what this was all about

I put down my foot,
And point to the closet door
I insist that this stuff
Can’t stay on the floor

In our quest to be tidy
We restock those shelves
In another year or so
Into that closet we’ll delve

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