Into Each Life

The weather this weekend
It did explode
Leaving fallen trees
Upon our dirt road

The wind was hellacious
The rains poured on down
And the fallen trees
Cut us off from the town

No water from well
Since the power went out
No cell phone is normal
But we choose not to pout

The candles and flashlights
We rummaged and found
But the cat was still scared
Of the thundering sound

Next morning we hoped
But power still wouldn’t work
Living in the country
You get used to these quirks

No coffee was hard
But what could we do?
No one had power
If we had bushwacked through

Chainsaws came out
Once the rains finally stopped
And on to our task
The neighborhood hopped

Some people chopped
And some people cut
Some of us dragged branches
It was hard work, yet, but

The road was cleared
In two hours or less
Without such kind neighbors
We’d still have a mess

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2 thoughts on “Into Each Life

  1. Love your verse and the photos. Gorgeous scenery! Just finished “Playing With Poison” and absolutely loved it. I will be getting more in the series shortly. Left a glowing review at Amazon and if there were more than 5 stars to give I would have gladly given them. What a kick.

    • Thanks so much for reading both my poetry and the Cue Ball Mysteries. I’m glad you get a kick out of it. So do I. Thanks for the Amazon review. That is very helpful

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