Lots of Questions

Last time I promised my web audience out there in Internet Land an interesting, amusing and enlightening BLOG THEME. And I imagine (I have an active imagination) that you have all been eagerly anticipating what this theme might be. So here it is: What inspires creativity? Cueing The Muse will explore how creative people create. Where do their ideas come from? What habits, events, people and experiences get the creative juices flowing? A snippet of conversation, a song, a fleeting image from a dream? Do creative people know inspiration when they see it, or does it happen subconsciously? Is it instantaneous, or do memories play a role? What cues the muse?

Now I need to ask you a few questions. First of all, are you creative? Do you write, paint, sculpt, or build furniture? Do you design houses, birdhouses, dollhouses, or quilts? Are you a photographer, musician, gardener, actor or cook? Do you have a friend who does any of these things or something I have left out? Please let me know what you create. Because I desperately need GUEST BLOGGERS. Lots and lots of them. Creative souls who want to share what cues their muse with the folks out there in Internet Land.

I’ll get us started next time with something about my writing.

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