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Thanks for stopping by to get caught up on all the latest. My big news is… drumroll, please…
Undisclosed will be ready and waiting at Amazon on October 4th!!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! The third Cassie Baxter Mystery will be for sale real soon. And hey, it’s a Christmas story, so my timing is good, if I do say so myself.

In case you haven’t noticed, what I’m not good at is keeping my website up-to-date and fresh. I’m always too busy writing my next book! But I have finally updated a few things, so please take a look around. And don’t forget to hop on over to Amazon in early October to buy the latest Cassie Baxter Mystery. In the meantime, do you need to catch up on the other Cassie Baxters? Or maybe you never did get to Six Easy Pockets, my most recent Cue Ball Mystery. Click up there at “Books” to learn about all the other books in my two series.

Here are the basics on Undisclosed:
Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where Santa Claus is due to arrive any day now, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go nuts? This is her first Christmas with her adopted son Truman, and she’s desperate to make it memorable. But that human skull the kid found when he was searching for Christmas decorations in the attic wasn’t exactly part of the plan. And Joe Wylie, Cassie’s supposed boyfriend, isn’t making life any easier during this frantic week before the holiday either. Then there’s Cassie’s father, and her best friend Bambi, and her other best friend Sarah, and all those crazy, quirky, kooky neighbors that make Lake Elizabeth—Lake Elizabeth! Santa’s sure to have a jolly good time when he finally does come to town, and so will you when you read what Cassie and Truman intend to do about that skull!

See you in October!

Cindy Blackburn

The Cue Ball Mysteries, Playing With Poison, Double Shot, Three Odd Balls, Four PlayFive Spot, and Six Easy Pockets are all available on Amazon. And so are the Cassie Baxter Mysteries, Unbelievable, Unexpected, and soon Undisclosed.

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You’ve Been Warned!

Every Sunday
I used to engage
In getting a poem
Down onto the page

With rhythms haphazard
And rhymes so poor
Despite these drawbacks
You could be sure

To read something new
Every week without fail
But my poetry skills
Began to get stale

No matter my effort
The rhymes didn’t flow
After hours of work
I’d have nothing to show

But it’s poetry month
Two thousand seventeen
So I’d love to get back
Into this routine

Cuz I’m out of practice
Please cut me my slack
Be that as it may
My bad poetry blog’s back!

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