Surprise, surprise surprise!

We’re cooking up, or rather, writing up, something new here at CBMysteries! Not ready to divulge my latest project just yet, but suffice to say Cassie Baxter and Jessie Hewitt are as curious as you. I keep reminding the protagonists and stars of my two cozy mystery series that they should embrace surprises, suspense, and intrigue.

Hello. They’re having none of it. Cassie rolls her eyes and tells me she’s going kayaking. After all, the ice on Lake Elizabeth has finally melted after a long, cold, Vermont winter. Jessie’s even harder to appease. She folds her arms and glares, and informs me I am as altogether annoying as her husband Wilson Rye the homicide guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chill Jessie. And, lo and behold, eventually she does chill—with a nice cold glass of Korbel.

Speaking of chilling, wouldn’t a glass of bubbly and a good solid binge-read of the 6 Cue Ball Mysteries, or the 3 Cassie Baxter Mysteries hit the spot right now? Self-isolating and sheltering in place doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, folks. You know the motto here at CBMysteries—we write light and funny because we think grim reality is way over-rated!

Stay safe and well. And please stay tuned for that surprise I mentioned above!

Cindy Blackburn

The Cue Ball Mysteries, Playing With Poison, Double Shot, Three Odd Balls, Four PlayFive Spot, and Six Easy Pockets are all available on Amazon. And so are the Cassie Baxter Mysteries, Unbelievable, Unexpected, and newest release Undisclosed.

Here are the basics on Undisclosed:
Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where Santa Claus is due to arrive any day now, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go nuts? This is her first Christmas with her adopted son Truman, and she’s desperate to make it memorable. But that human skull the kid found when he was searching for Christmas decorations in the attic wasn’t exactly part of the plan. And Joe Wylie, Cassie’s supposed boyfriend, isn’t making life any easier during this frantic week before the holiday either. Then there’s Cassie’s father, and her best friend Bambi, and her other best friend Sarah, and all those crazy, quirky, kooky neighbors that make Lake Elizabeth—Lake Elizabeth! Santa’s sure to have a jolly good time when he finally does come to town, and so will you when you read what Cassie and Truman intend to do about that skull!

And if you haven’t been keeping up with the Cue Balls, here’s the scoop on Jessie’s latest adventure, Six Easy Pockets.

Pool shark Jessie Hewitt likes to call the shots, but apparently her two best friends didn’t get that memo. Jessie’s sure that Candy Poppe has taken up with the wrong man. And Karen Sembler? She’s been kidnapped! Jessie’s no-nonsense husband, Wilson Rye the cop guy, suggests she leave the crime-solving to the experts and the love lives to those involved. Does Jessie listen? Take a guess.

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Full Disclosure for Undisclosed

I’ve been writing
Slow but steady
And here it is!
My next book’s ready!

It’s the third Cassie Baxter
Which is set at Lake Bess
And in case you are wondering
Cassie’s life is a mess!

Oh yeah, there’s a gala
But there’s also a skull
Cuz everyone knows
Cassie’s life’s seldom dull

Especially right now
Since it’s Santa Claus season
But back to that skull
There must be a reason

It was left in her house
For little Truman to find
Oh yes, this new mystery
Isn’t your everyday grind

Of course Joe has a role
As do Bambi and Bobby
And all who make driving Cassie nuts
Their regular routine hobby

You’ll laugh quite a lot!
It’s a jolly good read!
And here is the title
So listen, take heed

It’s called Undisclosed
Why not buy it right away?
Cuz Cassie Baxter’s antics
Will brighten your day!

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